Uncover the Extraordinary History Our Tapestry Holds

Uncover the extraordinary history our tapestry holds

On every Häagen-Dazs container is a new tapestry that was crafted with the same passion that goes into the ice cream inside. We invite you to take a closer look to learn more about our rich history and discover our journey from source to spoon.

1. The tropics
Filled with mangos, coconuts, pineapples, and other fruit, the tropics are home to some of our most exotic ingredients.

2. Chameleon
This crafty creature is also hidden among the plants on the island of Madagascar, where we source our classic vanilla.

3. Farm
A reminder of our dedication to only using the finest ingredients from around the world.

4. Cows
The source of milk and cream that are the simple start of our dairy products.

5. Sun
Every sunrise signals another day on our journey to craft the world’s most incredible ice cream.

6. Mount hood
It took our founder, Reuben Mattus, six years to discover the perfect Hoods and Totem strawberries on a farm in the Pacific Northwest.

7. Waterfall
Water gives life to our finest ingredients and a caramel-y flow to our beautiful tapestry.

8. Orchards
Orchards give us the delicious fruit we need to keep our sorbets crisp and flavorful.

9. First Häagen-Dazs shop
Our journey continued in 1976 when our founders’ daughter, Doris Mattus, opened the first brick-and-mortar store in Brooklyn, NY.

10. Honey bees
We’re dedicated to supporting these busy workers, who are vital to 1/3 of the food we eat and many of the ingredients we need to create some of your favorite flavors.

11. Roses
Reuben’s passion was ice cream, but the first love of his life was always his wife Rose Mattus.

12. Brooklyn bridge
A nod to the city where we got our simple start and drew inspiration for some of our more contemporary flavors.

13. Milk, cream, eggs and sugar
Most of our extraordinary flavors start with the same four simple ingredients.

14. Original carton
Our very first carton design started quite simply as well.

15. 1960
The year it all began.