Our Journey to No GMOs

Our journey to no GMOs

From our founding, the Häagen-Dazs® brand has always focused on taking simple flavors and the best ingredient possible and elevating them to an extraordinary ice cream experience. With each new product and flavor, we strive to maintain those standards.

As part of this philosophy, we have never used any gums, stabilizers, or artificial ingredients. today, we do not source any milk or cream from cows that have been treated with rbst†. And now, we’re beginning to move to no gmo ingredients, with the goal of transitioning out all gmo ingredients from every flavor.

In 2016, we announced the first 9 flavors to be made with no gmo ingredients: chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, coffee, pineapple coconut, chocolate chocolate chip, rum raisin, strawberry, vanilla and vanilla bean. To learn more about GMO ingredients and our no GMO labeling efforts, visit http://www.nestleusa.com/about-us/gmo.

†no significant difference has been shown between milk from rbst treated and non-rbst treated cows.