The new shape of extraordinary

Lo extraordinario toma una nueva forma

We're always searching for extraordinary new ways for people to enjoy our ice cream, so we’re excited to introduce Häagen-Dazs Cookie Squares.

Our Dulce De Leche and Vanilla ice cream get a decadent new twist when paired with a thick cookie layer then coated in crisp chocolate. It’s a multi-textural experience that just might be the perfect bite.

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Cookie Square
A decadent dark chocolate cookie topped with delicious Dulce De Leche ice cream then coated in crispy milk chocolate and a drizzle of dark chocolate.

Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Square
An indulgent dark chocolate cookie sits beneath smooth vanilla ice cream that's dipped in a decadent dark chocolate and finished with a milk chocolate drizzle.


Find a store now to discover your favorite Häagen-Dazs® Cookie Squares.