The" Free Cone Day" of 2017 was dedicated to our most hard working collaborators: the bees. That day, we did more than just giving away free ice cream. We gave a well-deserved recognition to our flying friends and invited our fans to also help us by spreading the word. 

why we ♥ honey bees

At Häagen-Dazs, we’ve always been big defenders of the humble bee. Not only do bees help pollinate over one third of the world’s crops, they also help in the creation of one third of our most beloved flavors like Strawberry, Rocky Road, Mango, and even our classic Vanilla. Unfortunately, in the past few years, the bee population has been disappearing at an alarming rate for nearly a decade, putting the future of our food system at risk.

what we're doing

In order for bees to grow successfully, four things are critical: a year-long home, consistent food source, positive farming practices as well as defense and support. Since 2008, we’ve been taking steps to help save these very important workers through our Häagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees initiative. To date we’ve donated over one million dollars to pollinator education and research. And most recently, in 2016, we installed 6-1/2 miles of permanent hedgerow (the largest in the US) at the farm of our almond supplier, and in doing so have created a habitat for the bees for the whole year.

how you can help

Start the conversation in your community, family and friends about the critical role bees play in our ecosystem and the little things everyone can do to keep them buzzing from here to there, such as:
• Planting native wildflowers, shrubs, or trees right where you live to provide a home for these pollinators that work so hard.
• Protecting the habitats of the bees. Bees love imperfect areas of gardens, tree stumps, and open sandy grounds. If you see any of these types of habitats, don’t change them!
• Spread the word this Free Cone Day and help us continue spreading the word for the rest of the year.

Celebrate the next "Free Cone Day" with us

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Legal Copy: Limit 1 kiddie scoop per guest. All other menu items are regular price. Free Cone Day offer may not be combined with any other offer or used as a discount on other items. Offer valid only on date and time specified, no exceptions. Guests who want to purchase items may bypass the line of people who are waiting for free scoops.